Australian Site For The Avengers Launches; Become An Agent Of SHIELD

The Australian site for The Avengers has launched, and they are also launching a competition where, in order to win a 3D TV,  a trip for four to London and much more, you must become an agent of SHIELD! You have to search for ‘Fury Codes’ (presumably hidden in places like the official Facebook and Twitter pages), and submit them to the site to earn points. Read the description below, and click HERE to be taken to the site and register (but only if you live in either Australia or New Zealand).

Become a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and help Nick Fury and the Avengers save the world from the madness of Loki.

YOUR MISSION: track down secret Fury Codes before Loki and his minions get their hands on them. Submit codes to earn points. The more codes you enter and the more points you score, the more chances you have to win prizes. There’s no time to lose.

Along with that, they have a brand new interactive trailer for you to try out. If you select ‘Info Mode’ before playing and click ‘Hardcore Fan’, when watching an info box will pop up for each Avenger, and even stuff like Cap’s shield and the Quinjet. It’s pretty cool. Check all that out and more at the site.

SOURCE: The Avengers Australian Site