Are MINIONS Dropping The F-Bomb?


“Gosh darnit,” mumbled the white, middle-aged American mother at her local church arts-and-crafts club who discovered this.

Minions are all the rage these days – they even have their own movie out. Because marketing exists, McDonalds are promoting the film by putting a crappy little plastic Minion in with each Happy Meal. Admittedly I love the Minions; they’re a genius creation, as is Minionese, their language of gibberish. According to the fast-food company the little yellow things are supposed to utter phrases such as “ha ha ha,” “eh eh” and “para la bukay”. However, it appears as if they’re saying something completely different.

Fox28 News (would it really be any other network?) found two fathers who could have sworn that rather than saying the unintelligible shit they’re supposed to, the Minions are instead saying “what the fuck”.

“I heard what it said and I’m like, ‘whoa, hang on here,'” said Taylor King, who bought a Happy Meal for his three-year-old son Monday. “It clearly says what it says.”

“As soon as we heard it, her mom took it away,” said Robert Frazier, another father who bought several for his three young children. “I listened to it and that’s when we found out that’s what it was saying.”

Here is the incriminating footage in question.

I think I really needed this ridiculous story amidst the heat of Comic-Con. I can barely make out a “parala la bukaka” or whatever the hell it’s supposed to say, let alone “what the fuck”. Instead, it just sounds as if the sweatshop-produced toys are malfunctioning with some crappy technical beeps and boops. These parents should be commended for their skill at interpreting this mysterious new facet of Minionese.


McDonalds have actually hit back at the allegations, producing a very politely-worded response.

“Minions speak ‘Minionese’ which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words Funny-Minions-Quotes-They-say-swearing-is-due-toand sounds.

We’re aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we apologise for any confusion or offence to those who may have interpreted the sounds for anything other than jibberish.

The allegation that this toy is saying any offensive phrase is not true. Any perceived similarities to actual English words are purely coincidental.”

Ah, I love lawyers.

And hey, Minions are awesome. I’m sure sometimes they get a little tipsy or riled up and spurt a few choice words regarding their human overlords. Minions 2, anyone?