ANT-MAN is Re-Imagined as a 50’s B-Movie


Ant-Man is a character who works well in the context of the 50’s. His powers are very reminiscent of that time period and he definitely has the ‘golden age’ feel to him; the slightly-crazy scientist who learns how to shrink. That’s why I thought it was a shame that the direction Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish went in for the character was a modern retelling, choosing to focus on Scott Lang instead. I really like the notion that Hank Pym developed the suit in the 60’s or 70’s, but we have yet to see a Marvel movie or show set in that time period so it would have been interesting to see what life would have been like as a superhero, as out of necessity of the lore, he would have been a secret hero.

Vulture has gone one step further and envisioned what the upcoming movie would look like if it were released back in the 1950’s. While it probably would have been a better idea to wait until after the movie was out to use more footage (rather than cutting it with clips from other movies), they still managed to make an effective trailer that is very fitting with the time and would have been pretty darn cool to see.

Fortunately, my prayers may one day be answered. Peyton Reed (director of the film) revealed that he would really like to make an Ant-Man sequel, either with the Scott Lang character or a prequel period piece with Hank Pym!

Listen, if we were lucky enough to be able to do a sequel or a prequel, I’d be way into it. I’ve really fallen in love with these characters. I was always in love with the characters in the comic book world, but there’s a lot of story to tell with Hank Pym.

He also wants to make a Wasp solo movie with Evangeline Lilly, and the chances of that happening are unfortunately pretty slim (even though both Lilly and Wasp are awesome), due to Hollywood politics and that it’s unlikely you’ll get Janet van Dyne without Hank Pym. So we’ll just have to see.

Ant-Man is out July 17th 1954.