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Sherlock is one of those TV shows that is just loved by everyone, especially in Britain. All through the (extremely regular) off-periods people wander up and down the high street dazed and confused crying “when is Sherlock coming back?” Steven Moffat looks down and whispers, “Christmas 2015.” The third series may not have been totally up to snuff but it was still worth watching, and the first two series’ are filled with some killer material. One such aspect is the role of Anderson, the police detective who regularly clashes with Mr. Holmes. The play-offs between Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonathan Aris are delightful to watch as the viewer sits in glee whenever the former throws a sophisticatedly-worded insult his way.

The show certainly isn’t Aris’ only claim to fame; he can next be seen in Ridley Scott’s The Martian and he’s currently starring in the AMC/Channel 4 produced sci-fi show Humans – which is excellent. However, it’s looking as if he’ll soon be able to add another property to his resume, one which comes from a galaxy far, far away.


BBC News noticed that the actor’s online CV had been updated to list Star Wars: Rogue One, playing a character called Senator Jebel. It’s likely that he has something to do with the Empire, in which case his talents for playing a dick in Sherlock will come in handy. The credit has since been removed, leading us to believe he will be in the movie about stealing the plans to the Death Star.

Disney and Paramount actually have a deal in place where they won’t start official marketing for the movie until the similarly-titled Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is out, which is in a few days. So we should start getting some official announcements soon, hopefully with the inclusion of Jonathan Aris. The film has a bunch of other awesome actors set to appear including Felicity Jones in the lead, Ben Mendehlson (The Dark Knight Rises) and Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games), as well as returning characters like Boba Fett and the big guy himself, Darth Vader!!!

Regardless, Star Wars: Rogue One is assembling quite the impressive cast and the movie sounds equally intriguing. It hits theaters December 16th, 2016.

Now, can we just get Benedict Cumberbatch in a movie? Please…?

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