A.I.M. To Appear In Iron Man 3

Set photos seem to be revealing a lot of important factors in Iron Man III recently. Last Wednesday it discovered that Iron Patriot would feature in the movie, and now we know that the terrorist group A.I.M. will be making an appearance in the threequel. A set photo of a truck with ‘A.I.M.’ written on the front of it has surfaced, check it out below:

“One of our readers, A. K. Trujillo, told us, “The crowd was told to be quiet when shots were filmed outside, or else they would heighten security and ban spectators from watching. [There were] no big action scenes. All actors were in business suits or security uniforms. The director was heard yelling, “Action”, “Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn” and “Cut”.” Though the photos were taken from a distance, you can see a few extras in uniform and a decorated tree that indicates the scene is set during the holidays.

How do you think the terrorist group will factor into the already-packed movie? Sound off below.