A Comic-Con Insider Look at the Funniest Moment of the X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Press Conference

Comic-Con is over and while my inner dork already misses it, my physical body is absolutely ecstatic due to exhaustion and lack of food. A four-day pass, with Preview Night on Wednesday, takes it toll on the body by Friday/Saturday-ish anyway.

But this isn’t anything to complain about since it’s motha’ freakin’ Comic-Con!

I didn’t go to any panels because I value my time in the convention center more than sitting outside in any line for Hall H for like 183 hours. Okay, so maybe not that long but if you want to have a chance to get into say Marvel Studios’ panel then you have to get in line while the bars are still open early that morning. That’s just not for me. And this doesn’t lesson my fandom, by the way.

Luckily, I had limited press access to a few things and the coolest was easily Fox’s pre-panel press conference for their “surprise” presser. This turned out to be the presentation of the main cast for next summer’s X-Men Days of Future Past. I actually got a hint they were all present when chair after chair after chair after chair kept coming into the press room stage, in the Hilton.

Then the moderator started announcing name after name.

“Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence…”

The names kept coming and my eyes got bigger and bigger. Especially when Jennifer’s name was announced and let me tell you that she is just as beautiful in real life as you see her in movies.

Anyway, fellow press members began asking questions and Jackman, Stewart, McAvoy, Lawrence and others all spoke and answered questions. The funniest moment of the presser was easily a moment with Lawrence when she went to talk for the first time and moved her microphone to her mouth too fast and too far and hit herself with the mic.

“Well that tasted good,” she said.

Everyone laughed and even though she was slightly embarrassed she played it off as casual and funny as anyone could at a moment’s notice. She did lose her concentration after and then cracked another joke which had the press room laughing. What a moment!

This was just one of the moments that happens in the press rooms of Comic-Con that you may or may not hear about and now it is documented for the world to read. Sorry Jennifer but I had to tell the short version of this story.

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