4 Reasons The WOLVERINE Movies Should Focus On Logan

Wolverine has been a fan favorite for decades. He is the definition of a badass and when you consider the fact that he is immortal – you realize how little you actually know about him. That’s why it was especially disappointing when X-Men Origins: Wolverine decided to crowd his screen time with other useless mutants. This was remedied in The Wolverine for the most part and I’m actually interested to see what the third chapter will have in store. Here are four reasons why the film series should continue to focus on its main attraction.


4) X-Men Origins: Wolverine


This movie was easily the worst X-Men film. And it wasn’t because of Wolverine himself. He was great. He was awesome. Our hero was nothing more than a victim of poor writing and lackluster cameos from characters we typically root for. As far as an action move goes – the movie hit all the right points. What really messed up the story was the inclusion of other mutants for the sake of adding other mutants. Oh you were excited to see Gambit? You poor, poor soul.


3) Character Development


While Origins focused on explaining how Wolverine came to be, The Wolverine actually developed his character thanks to him being the star mutant. When he’s in group situations – his personality is very much dictated by who he is around. When he’s alone – you get to know him better and feel as though you’re going through the journey with him as opposed to watching it play out.

2) The Timeline is Screwed Up Enough


It would be great if the events of Origins never happened. And based on the events of Days of Future Past, some might argue that they never did. The inclusion of other characters into Origins really messed up the timeline and showed that the people involved in the film cared little about the established history and more about making money. Just give us Logan and his moody charisma. That’s all we need.

1) The X-Men Films


There is no reason on this earth to include multiple mutants in a Wolverine solo movie. That’s what the X-Men films are for – and those films tend to revolve around him too but manage to give other characters time to shine. The Wolverine that is a part of the X-Men is a different beast than when he is alone. If the X-Men films are meant to show that he can cooperate with people and does have a softer side, his solo films should continue to explore the darkness within him to add balance to his character.