UTF’s Guide To Christmas Shopping

geeky-christmas-ornaments-collection-7[1]   It’s almost that time of year again, Christmas! I don’t think I really need to explain to you what that is, but in case you forgot, it’s one of the best times of the year as we nerds get to get our hands on the latest apparel in fandom. Whether you’re looking for something awesome for yourself, or for a geeky friend, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of great stuff you really don’t want to miss out on over the holidays.

1) Next-Gen Consoles

ps4-vs-xbox-one These two were pretty obvious, but we couldn’t very well leave them out though, could we? In case you live under a rock and only appear during the holidays, the next-gen consoles are out, very pricey admittedly, but a very good gift anyway.

2) Awesome Box Sets

dexter complete series For the aspiring serial killer or meth cook, there are some great box sets for you. Dexter and Breaking Bad’s complete series are out, and they’ve got some killer extras too (pun intended). Get your family and friends to prove their love to you and see if they get you either of these this Christmas.

breaking bad complete series

“We’ve got to cook Christmas dinner.”



who wouldn’t want this?

But don’t forget about The Hobbit’s extended edition, it comes with a statue titled “Riddles in the Dark,” it  portrays Bilbo and Gollum as seen in the film and was sculpted by Gary Hunt from the Weta Workshop.  It stands at 8” wide, 5.25” deep, and 7” tall.  Of course, the set also comes with the Hobbit extended Blu-ray, which includes 13 minutes of additional footage and 9 hours of behind-the-scenes documentary footage.


3) Video Games


Christmas season is probably the best time of year for video game companies, they release a shit ton of stuff and the money they make is huge. I guess I’m here to encourage that. If you haven’t already picked up the latest Assassin’s Creed, I recommend doing so. Even for non-hardcore gamers, this game is really just stupid fun for anybody.. I mean in a good way. And as usual, if you have a present to buy for a ten year old, I recommend the latest Call of Duty. Batman: Arham Origins and GTA V are also good games and gifts.

4) Movies


Now there’s not that many movies just being released in time for the holidays, but The Wolverine was just released this week, just in time for every fanboy and fangirl’s shopping. That could make marvel fanboys happy.

5) Miscellaneous


This is some geeky stuff that doesn’t fit in to one exact category or they can’t be found in usual shops, example: My Neighbor Totoro Plushie. This gem is £44.99 which means it’s some other amount in dollars. I don’t know. The point is, it’s expensive, but awesome. It can be found here if interested.



This next item is a Game Boy Zippo Lighter. I’m getting one, and I don’t even smoke. It’s that cool and I need it. It can be found on Etsy.

Well I hoped I’ve helped you in some form, whether you’re getting something from good ol’ Saint Nick or Jesus Christ (if you’re German) or if you’re getting a gift for someone.


Michael Moore is a contributor on Unleash The Fanboy. Find out what he’s getting for Christmas by following him on Tumblr.