Unboxing July’s Geek Fuel: UPDATED AUGUST PREVIEW

Geek Fuel is a monthly comic con in a box subscription service that will run you $23.90 a month.  If you order multiple boxes at once though you will be hooked up with various discounts and bonuses. Is July’s box worth the cash?  You be the judge, because last month’s 90’s nostalgia box and pretty damn sweet.

geek fuel July Antman

We’ll start this month with an item that proves these boxes are designed for the older fanboy and fangirl, an Ant-Man Shot glass.  If I had four other marvel shot glasses in my liqueur cabinet this would be a great addition, so it is.

Geek Fuel july Civil

Next up is a variant edition of Secret Wars Civil War #1 from Marvel.  I really dig getting variant cover comics in the mail so this was a very cool addition to this month’s box.

Geek Fuel July..

Another month, another Steam game with a cool little add on item.  This month is Burnstar with star candies.  I am not a big candy person, but still like the concept.  Also included is a Serenity button, its a small item but I learned in 1980 not to judge by size.


Also included is a promo poster for next month’s comic crossover of Aliens Vs Predator.  While this may seem like a cheap item, the size and paper stock used are both very respectable.

Geek Fuel July

Lastly we have the item that pretty much ensures you get your money’s worth each month an exclusive geek centric t-shirt available only through Geek Fuel.  Seriously go on E-Bay and look for a shirt from Geek Fuel, there aren’t that many.  People are keeping these.  This month is Le Tour de Geek with a hodge podge of iconic characters racing. While I wasn’t a big fan of this when I first saw it, the image has grown on me.

Was this month’s Geek Fuel worth the $23.90 price tag to you? While the items included definitely exceeded that value it all comes down to if you like the specific items included. I think the new game a month is awesome, but as a man who prefers to use the console I wonder if they could offer a download code based on the system of your choice to personalize your box even more. Similar to how you choose a T Shirt size. If I could get a new X-Box 360 game and a t-shirt each month I would never stop getting these.


M.R. Gott is a small press nerd infused horror author who is not very good at his day job.