GEEK FUEL is a monthly comic con in a box subscription service that will run you $23.90 a month with shipping included.  If you order multiple boxes at once though you will be hooked up with various discounts and bonuses. Is August’s box worth the cash?  You be the judge


Smaller items in this Month’s block included an ADVENTURE TIME Pocket Pop key chain.  Subscribers could get either Jake or Finn, and its pretty clear which one I have.  This month’s steam game is AARU”S AWAKENING.  While I haven’t played it yet the reviews and concept seem pretty strong.  Each month’s game includes an extra and AARU”S AWAKENING arrived with FLAMMABLE WARNING on it, because inside are party poppers.  SCORE!  A TMNT lolipop is included this month as well as a Fallout 4 book mark and magnet (not pictured as I dropped it and do not know where it is.  I do like getting a new bookmark each month…as I often lose mine.


GEEK FUEL was hyping a WOLVERINE or SPIDERMAN item in this month’s box.  Here it is Insight Edition’s The World According to Wolverine, other subscribers received SPIDERMAN edition.  Essentially this is Wolverine’s (or Spidey’s) full history told in the first person.  This is the type of book you see at a book store and immediately want to pick up.  Because of the accessible layout this is going to live with my other coffee table books, just in case any visitors mistake me for an adult.  The book also includes a poster and multiple pull out artifacts reflecting LOGAN’s life.


I was tad let down with last month’s T-Shirt, but not this one.  This DEADPOOL exclusive design is very cool, and if the upcoming flick is nearly as strong as the trailer will only seem even cooler sometime in late February.


Is this month’s box worth your hard earned dollars?  As always it is about your affinity for the licensed properties included.  One thing that definitely stuck out this month, was the simple dollar value of this haul.  The world according to Wolverine has a $25 price tag and Aaru’s Awakening has a $15 dollar tag.  Funko Pocket Pop Key Chains usually average $10 and the shirt’s value is at least $15.  Maybe the items in this collection weren’t that enticing to you, but GEEK FUEL did not go cheap with this haul.


M.R. Gott is a small press horror author who could really go for an ECTO-COOLER right now.

Seriously bring it back in time for the new flick

GEEK FUEL wants to celebrate the release of The Force Awakens, so they are doing just that! Starting today you can get entered to win a special bonus box, featuring over $300 in goodies from the film! That’s right, you get the chance to win just for being a subscriber with Geek Fuel. So if you missed out on the toy mayhem that hit stores across the world this morning, we’ve got your back. Simply sign up for any subscription plan on Geek Fuel to be automatically entered to win.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Prize Pack Includes:

  • BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero (Yeah…that one!)
  • Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport by LEGO
  • Kylo Ren Wacky Wobbler by FUNKO
  • Starship Episode 7 Hero Closed Wings Vehicle by Hot Wheels
  • The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Extendable Lightsaber
  • Star Wars T-Shirt
  • Heavy Artillery First Order Stormtrooper Funko Pop

Giveaway URL: http://geekfuel.com/theforceawakens