Our Theory On How DEXTER Could Possibly End

We’re big fans of Dexter here at UTF, especially me. I’ve been following it for quite a while and i’m sad to see it go, but hey, it’s been great. Everyone who follows the show has their own theory on how it could end, none of them seem to end on a happy note either. But I think that Vince Masuka, Dex’s fellow lab geek, could have a part to play in the finale. There’s a good bit of evidence to back it up too. Here’s why:

1) His Character In The Books

Totally normal

I picked up Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter the other day. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the book that season 1 of Dexter is based off of. I immediately started reading, of course. I’m actually watching season 1 of Dexter again, to see the differences with the novel. I’m doing so in between season 8.

But what struck me when I was reading, was that when Dex goes to his first crime scene of the book, he talks about his suspicions of Masuka-which never happened on TV. Here’s some quotes from the book that I absolutely loved typing out for you guys. You better be grateful.

There was something just slightly off about Vince’s bright Asian smile. Like he had learned to smile from a picture book. Even when he made the required dirty put-down jokes with the cops, nobody got mad at him. Nobody laughed, either, but that didn’t stop him. He kept making all the correct ritual gestures, but he always seemed to be faking. That’s why I liked him, I think. Another guy pretending to be human, just like me.


Ha-ha he said. It was supposed to be a laugh, but it was even phonier than his smile.

This would explain Masuka’s really weird laugh anyway.

But if Dexter’s suspicions are right, and Vince is another type of psychopath/sociopath then what does this mean for the whole series? He could be the whole shows “big bad”. Hell, he could have been studying Dexter all these years, just waiting to strike.

2) His Character In Season 8


Sociopaths never choose nice shirts

In all of Dexter’s eight seasons on Showtime, season 8 has been Vince’s most time on screen in a season, and it’s not even over yet. This definitely means something. He’s revealed to be a father halfway around the season, which could be an excuse to give him more screentime without actually announcing he’s up to something. It’s a good plan, if that’s what they’re doing.

Hey, I could be wrong, it’s happened once or twice. Maybe they just wanted to give him more screentime because he brought and continues to bring such good comic relief. The show is pretty dark nowadays, I remember back in the days of season one when the show was pretty funny, it was pretty dark, black comedy but it was still humorous, none of this Hannah McKay bullshit.

I could just be hoping for this to happen, I might be totally wrong. Some people do suspect it but that doesn’t mean that it will. But hints are still there. Maybe Zach will bring Dexter down unintentionally.

Did you agree with us? Tell us why! If not, what do you think will happen?


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