Gordon: Year One-Getting Hyped For The Premiere of GOTHAM

Hello there, ladies and gentlenerds. Fanboys and fangirls, apes and monkeys, homo-sapiens and homo-superior! It’s me, The Multi-Verse….Whats that now?.. .No! I wasn’t fired!… I’ve only done one article, for Pete’s sake!… Yeah, well… sorry to “dissapoint” you!…Oh, yeah?! THATS NOT VERY LADY-LIKE…

Anyway! I’m here to disscuse a few things about a show coming this fall season to our TV screens, tablets, phones and whatever else it is you nerds use to entertain yourselves: Gotham.


Sure, we have Arrow season 3 and the premire season of The Flash also coming this fall, but Gotham is what really piques my interest. That tickles my fancy. That puts the float in my banana boat. That brings a rise to my Levi’s…I think you get the point.

The basic premise of the series is telling the story of a young James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie (of The OC and Southland fame), his arrival in the dark world of Gotham City and his future rise in to the legendary Commissioner  Gordon.


In his journey, he’s partnered with GCPD veteran Harvey Bullock, as played by Donal Louge (from Grounded for Life, Blade, and several other awesome works ranging from both movies and television)


I don’t think I’m spoiling anything when I say that the story really begins with the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. I believe most of the first season will be about Gordon and Bullock trying to solve this murder and deal with the rising madness that follows this tragic event. Throughout the show, we’ll get our look at young Bruce Wayne coping with this tragedy. Now I’m not here to give you a synopsis of the show or anything like that. I wanted to do this article to voice my thoughts on the series, based off of what I already know and have heard about it.

I, for one, LOVE cop shows, Law and Order being on top of my list (SVU and Criminal Intent being my most favorite of the lot), so I was excited to hear that there was a new cop show in development. What made me “cream” my pants was that it was said to be set in the world of Gotham City! “Wait.. They’re gonna make a Batman show…that’s told from the police’s point of view!? HELL YEAH!!”…Well.. actually…there won’t be a Batman. “Okay,” and it’s told from the perspective of a young James Gordon. “Hmm.. Okay. I’m still on board. LETS ROCK AND ROLL!!”

With that being said, the premise is absolute genius! The thing is, I would have liked that the showrunners could have mixed in a little more of Gordon’s “Year One” story. A young officer, wife and baby on the way, h gets transferred to the worst city in America for some reason, and struggles with all the corruption and crime he faces everyday. The show is also going to feature Detective Sarah Essen. For those of you who are casual Bat-Fans (if there is even such a thing?!), Sarah Essen was, for lack of a better word, Gordon’s short lived mistress. A fellow detective, Gordon falls in love and has an affair with her. It ends when he sees what he was doing was wrong and ends the relationship before it went any further. I would also like to see a character like Commishoner Loeb or Detective Flask to appear in the show.

The show hasn’t even premiered yet, so I understand that there are many things that remain to be seen, but I do want to state one last hope for Gotham: don’t be afraid of the fantastical side of the universe. You can keep  things realistic, but the “fantastic” can be utilized at the same time, if done correctly and respectfully.

Well, that should just about do it for me. I hope I gave you folks enough food for thought. I’m really excited for this show and its future, and I hope Fox can do it justice…which is one thing Gotham City definitely use.

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So until next time, folks…peace out!