Get The Look: PaRappa The Rapper

Howdy folks and welcome back to the geekiest fashionista corner of the web UTF’s Get The Look. Want to pay homage to one of your geeky idols, but also wan’t to be able to walk the streets without looking completely foolish? Well then fret not as this is the place for you.

This time we’re showing you how to look like one of your gaming favourites of yesteryear (no not Mario!) the one the only, PaRappa The Rapper.

Thats right you can look as cool as your favourite rapping canine (he was a pooch right?) with these simple tips. Combine a blue tanktop (or a t-shirt if you aren’t the type to pull off a tank top) with an orange beanie (oversized if you want to look your dopest) a pair of casual jeans and some red sneakers… TA DA! A nice casual homage to the lil rapper without being stared at in the street.

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