Get The Look: Link

Welcome to this week’s Get The Look, where we try and give you some fashion inspiration about how best to pay homage to your favourite characters from all of geekdom.

It’s back to videogames this time as we share a look inspired by the hero of time himself; Link, from the Legend of Zelda.

Link’s out fit is primarily green so you’re going to need to pick up some dark green chino shorts (unless you want to wear a skirt) and combine it with a dark green rugby shirt (preferably with a white collar as pictured above) and don’t forget the dark green oversized beanie. Use a brown belt and leather wrist accessories to both break up the green and combine these with matching brown plimsoles to achieve the basic look.  To really finish it off wear a gold hoop ring earing (if you dare!) and a blue backpack with brown straps to replicate the Hyrulian Shield.

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