Get The Look: Gambit

Thats right we’re back again with Get The Look and this time we’re tackling everyone’s favourite ragin’ cajun; the one the only Gambit.

How will the girls be able to handle you’re roguish charm once they clock eyes on you?

As Gambit says himself in his newest ongoing series (which is fantastic by the way!) it takes a certain type of guy to be able to pull off pink. Start the look with a pink t-shirt, if you can get a ringer with blue trim as pictured above then even better, match that with some casual dark jeans (or black skinny ones), combine with some purple hi-tops to finish the base of the look. Accessories are key to this homage however, so keep your flowing brown locks in check with a black alice band, and a silver necklace with a playing card pendant displays a subtle nod to Gambit’s weapon of choice, and if you want to go the full slog then an X-Men belt buckle will finish off the accessorizing nicely. Don’t forget to complete the look with a dark brown long coat, and if you’re really daring (aka bat shit insane) pop in some black and red contact lenses.

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