5 Things We Learned From ‘THE FLASH – Time Vault’ Clip

Earlier today, DC Entertainment released a short video clip online (which you can watch here), giving fans a sample of what’s to come in tonight’s episode of The Flash. The one minute clip shows Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, and Cisco Ramon in Harrison Well’s secret room, known as his ‘time vault’, and find his infamous 3D newspaper. With it, they learn some surprising things about the future… including a crisis that will happen roughly 9 years from now. There are also some hidden bits of information about the future of The Scarlet Speedster and his allies. Read on if you dare…

#5 The Gangs Learns The Reverse Flash is From the Future


Although we have known that Harrison Wells is from the future since the pilot episode, it’s always fun to see characters catch up to us. Caitlin was already skeptical about the idea of her boss and mentor being Nora Allen’s killer, but a time traveler as well?  That’s impossible, right? Barry confirmed the idea by stating that Reverse Flash mentioned their long time rivalry during their the episode “The Man in the Yellow Suit”. Time travel has already been touched on multiple times so far, and it looks like The CW will delve deeper into that as the series progresses. Can anyone say Flashpoint?

#4 Oliver Queen becomes Green Arrow


If you’ve been keeping up with The Flash’s partner series Arrow (and I know you have), you know that the Emerald Archer has forsaken both of his identities to become the new R’as Al Ghul. Well, we now have confirmation that he will  say no to that choice and finally take on the name of Green Arrow! The name was teased as a suggestion by Malcolm Merlyn in the first season, but was quickly dismissed as a dumb idea. Do you think something will happen to Merlyn which makes Oliver honor him by taking the name? Whatever the reason, I’m looking forward to seeing him finally embrace the name and getting a little closer to his comic book persona. Perhaps Cisco will make him another new suit for the occasion. Speaking of which…

#3 Cisco Gets the Idea for a New Flash Costume


As great as this show is, comic book traditionalists like myself have had some issue with Barry Allen’s costume. That issue became easier to deal with once we discovered that he will eventually adopt a look more in line with his comic book roots in the future. A preview of it was shown in the episode ‘Tricksters’, and now we know where Cisco (aka the conscience of the comic book fans) gets the inspiration to create it. I suggested in a past article that this should happen in the first season, and it looks like my fanboy wish might be coming true!

#2 Joe Becomes Chief of Police

TheFlash_newpaper_Joe (2)

Probably the most surprising bit of information found in the clip is that Joe West, Barry’s foster dad and confidant, will trade in his detective shield for a job as Chief of Police for the CCPD! A true blink-and you’ll miss it moment, this snapshot was taken 43 seconds into the clip. Not too long ago, the Twitter page for The Flash posted a comic  stating that Barry would get a career boost as well, becoming Director of the CCPD’s CSI Division as well as a founding member of  a team with the name ‘Justice’ in it. I’ve joked with people about Joe becoming Police Chief by the end of the series’ run, but I didn’t expect it to be true, much less revealed to us in the first season. Bravo CW.

#1 Barry Marries Iris

vlcsnap-2015-04-28-14h14m20s100 (2)

The whole ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ technique is a given for most series done by the CW. In The Flash, it’s between Barry Allen and his childhood crush Iris West. Comic fans (especially pre New 52 fans) already know that they eventually end up together and have just rolled with the punches when it comes to scenes involving that possibility. This screenshot shows fans old and new that they will get married, with Iris adding his name to her byline, similar to the way Lois Lane did when she married Clark Kent (aka Superman). This revelation came as the biggest shocker to Barry Allen, who learned that Iris does have feelings for him in the episode ‘Out of Time’, but needs some life threatening event for her to realize it herself. Does something happen to Eddie Thawne that sets her on the eventual path to Barry?

What other events do you hope to see in the series? Drop a comment below! And be sure to watch The Flash episode ‘The Trap’ tonight at 8/7c on The CW!