5 HACK/SLASH Crossovers That Need To Happen!

Hack/Slash is one of the best, and most cleverly written horror comic series published in a long time.  It’s a smart blend of poking fun at horror cliches and actual in depth story writing that shows a deep understanding of the genre, and why it has endured over the decades. With it’s roots grounded in classic 80’s slasher films and anthologies it’s no wonder there have been several crossovers between Hack/Slash and various iconic characters from other popular franchise; such as Ash from Army of Darkness, and Chucky from Childs Play. There are many references  and mock versions of certain characters that Dynamite most likely couldn’t get rights too. That’s a huge shame because Hack/Slash crossovers are always done well. So It’s time we talk about the ones that are just begging to happen!

1.  The Classic Universal Monsters.


Cassie Hack and her companions have faced lots of rip offs, and legitimate versions of horror icons, but so far we’ve never seen any of the classic universal type monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, The Wolfman, etc. Somehow Cassie could get sent back in time to the 30’s in a House of Frankenstein type plot with all the monsters in one creepy mansion, that involved a team up with Van Helsing. With the cult following these old monsters have the audience is certainly there, it would be a fun monster mash.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street/ Freddy Krueger.


In the issue Land Of the Lost Toys, Cassie faces a similar dream like entity to everyone’s favorite wise cracking dream demon. Cassie is even wearing socks the same color as Freddy’s sweater. Reading this only made fans clamor for a proper showdown between everyones favorite final girl and the Springwood Slasher, and this time her lunch lady mother won’t save her.  It would be interesting to see Cassie work to pull Freddy into the real world for a final confrontation, as she prefers a much more straight forward approach as opposed to home alone style traps like Nancy Thompson. And as we saw in Freddy vs Jason, Freddy is no longer a pushover in the real world either.

3. Gremlins

This would certainly be the most different from what Cassie is used to facing because these aren’t huge monsters or the typical Slasher. These tiny trouble makers have proven to be quite the challenge to defeat, using their tricks and destructive streaks I’m sure they could more then give her a run for her money. This would definitely be a more humorous entry in the series, but previous issues have shown that’s not a problem. A mash up like this has great potential.

4. Hellraiser/Pinhead and the Cenobites

There’s a mock version of Pinhead with a tic tac toe game on his head that sometimes pops up in the background of Hack/Slash. We can assume this is another problem in securing the rights to the actual character. But let’s act like that’s not an issue for a moment.  Cassie has seen a lot of crazy stuff, been through a lot of pain dealing with both personal and literal demons alike. She’s already been down a personal road to hell and is someone who understands the true meaning of pain. This is something that could be utilized very easily with the Cenobites.  With Cassie trying to track down the puzzle box, as she brings deserving souls to Pinhead. If anyone could figure out how to stop the cycle for good it’s Cassie.

5. Leprechaun

That’s right! From the 1993 movie and it’s sequels the Leprechaun would be a fantastic foe to crossover into the Hack/Slash books because why the hell not?! The Leprechaun is on yet another killing spree looking for his gold with all kinds of whacky murders and snappy dialogue, leaving Cassie to find a way to trick the Irish fiend and put an end to his search permanently. Or maybe even her trying help find his gold, the dialogue between these two would be hilarious and I personally think it would be the best cross over.

Will we ever see these happen? Most likely not, but it’s always fun to imagine. The comic book realm brings all kinds of possibilities to life, so why not some of these?  In the mean time there’s always fan comics and your imagination. Who would you like to see crossover into Hack/Slash? The series is still going, so the possibilities are still there.