Zombies vs Robots #3 Review

The world of zombies’ vs robots is still going hard. The humans are making their way back but will they be welcomed with open arms? Or will they be murdered horrifically? Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

“Inherit the Earth!,” part 3! Space-faring humans have returned to Earth to find it still dead but crawling with oddly sentient zombies, robots and… Mermen! Finally! Also: Niles and Mayerik continue to help rebuild the mythos in unexpected ways!


The comic is an interesting one because there is not just one story going but there are several some in the present, future, and past. The main story works as humans coming back to Earth after the big war. We see that the crew hasn’t had any of the luxuries of being on water in a very long time. They seem to really just be happy to be on earth but their time is cut short because there are some creatures below the surface that don’t want them around, so they cause some problems. Then, we get a look at an orphan and her friend robot. It is super cool and cute to see their relationship but there is danger everywhere and they can’t just be happy.

Chris Ryall and Steve Niles have something special with this comic. It is really interesting but at the same time it was super cool to get this look of people after the big war and destruction of civilization. It, also, has some magic to it while maintaining its humanity.

Anthony Diecidue and Val Mayerik are doing some great stuff. It has very different styles depending of the story. We get some comic book style and then we get some gritty stuff. It is very amazing and fantastic. You will really get a kick out of it.

Zombies vs Robots #3 is a wonderful continuation of a fantastic story.

  • + Wonderful stories woven together
  • + Great art styles work together
  • + A neat look at zombies
  • + Robots are fantastic

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