Who Will Be The NEW ROBIN?

Welcome to the first ever Unleash The Fanboy Community Round Up, featuring the thoughts, opinions and ramblings of the Unleash the Fanboy staff on a topic that is currently rocking the comic book community.

And as usual, everything is unfiltered – this is the UTF staff speaking from the heart.

Today’s topic is speculating the identity of DC’s new Robin. As you know, DC is introducing a new Robin this July in Robin Rises: Omega but they haven’t revealed who the new Robin will be – whether it’s the return of an old character like Damian Wayne or Tim Drake – or the introduction of an original character to the role.

But before we delve into the round-up, are we starting to see a trend in naming Batman-related stories with a “Rises” suffix? To get an expert opinion on the subject, Unleash The Fanboy spoke to Professor of Rising Comics, Steve Lemlek:

“The fact that Warner Bros. and DC Comics has named a major blockbuster movie and a 38 page one-shot comic with a “Rises” suffix definitely suggests a greater plan or strategy at work here, that’s if DC Comics and Warner Bros. were actually capable of planning and strategizing.”

Professor Lemlek brings up some good points, but it also begs the question of how this story will tie into Batman: Eternal as we are going to see major changes to Batman’s supporting cast within the next year.


On to the Round Up!

Palmer Rubin:

“Wait, didn’t they just make their own version of Carrie Kelly to be the next Robin? What happened to her? Unless they killed her, too… F*ck it, bring back Tim Drake. They haven’t rebooted him yet, have they?”

Harrison Rawdin:

“Terry McGuiness. That way DC gives him a believable history since Batman Beyond arrives in canon in just five short years, see Future’s End.”

Jay Deitcher:

“Carrie Kelly. I am an expert because I read a Batman comic one time.”

Adam Holmes:

“John Blake.”

Bader Noaimi:

“I’m really hoping for Stephanie Brown even though I know that the theory is a little weak given the fact that she is set to appear as The Spoiler in next week’s Batman: Eternal #3 but I can still dream, right?”

Michael Moore:

“Well, I’ve been out of touch with the comics game for about a year now, and I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, but maybe Ace, the Bat Hound.


Now that you know what we think, who do you think is going to be the new Robin? Do our theories work or do you have one of your own?