In news article number four of Marvel and DC’s giant fucking blowout day, a new storyline has been teased in a familiar mythos. After making the comic such a lucrative property, Geoff Johns took a bow and departed from Green Lantern after a decade of work. Newcomer Robert Venditti was handed the reins of one of the most important characters in modern comics. Robert Venditti’s first issue of Green Lantern was entertaining, It gave readers a definitively different feeling as a title than Johns’ issues. It also seemed to lack some of the grandiose spectacle that the run had. Hopefully the run will be given a new sense of purpose due to the crossover announced for this family of titles by DC. With some focus, I have no doubt that the writer can do something as awesome as his first few arcs of X-O Manowar. As evident of the last page of his first issue the writer is here to stay on the title. This new story-arc was given no real information by the publisher outside of this cryptic teaser image,

Get ready for the new Green Lantern story heading your way in October!

Source: CBR