Vampirella takes on Fluffy the Vampire Killer

Described as the “(sorta) crossover you’ve been (kinda) demaning,” Dynamite announced that they will indeed be sending Vampirella into high school to take on the teenage vampire killer, Fluffy!

The writer, Mark Rahner, had this to say on the forthcoming crossover:

Here’s what I’m doing: putting Vampirella in other people’s pop-culture vampire worlds and having her react to them – and tear the hell out of them.  In Vampirella Annual #2, I sent her to the fictional town of Spoons and put her in the middle of a “Gloaming” con where all hell broke loose and everyone got showered with blood. (That was based on my trip to Forks, Washington, to see how the little town was taken over by the “Twilight” craze. I didn’t get a blood-shower, but you can find “Mark Rahner Confronts Twilight” on YouTube.) The idea was to strike a balance between satire that’s both biting and affectionate – hey, I’m a big horror nerd, too – and some disturbing brutality. Now I’m sending Vampirella to high school, where she crosses paths with one “Fluffy the Vampire Killer.”

So how does Vampirella react to someone with a monster killing demeanor and a teenage attitude?  You’ll have to pick up the comic to find out, but I think it’s a safe bet that there’s going to be plenty of blood, broken bones and dead monsters.

Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt added:

“Mark [Rahner] has shown that he is right writer for projects like this as he has the perfect, twisted grasp of pop-culture and what keeps satire from drifting into parody.  Fluffy fans, you’ve been warned!”

What do you guys think?  Does this sound like a crossover worth picking up?  Or is this a pass?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

You can pick up Vampirella vs. Fluffy #1 this October.

SOURCE: Dynamite