V-Wars #11 Review

With the world watching, Luther Swann, makes an announcement that changes the game, while others are trying to find out more about scanner, but what happens when there is a puppeteer behind the whole thing? Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

The “Skin Deep” storyline concludes! As Taurus and LaShonda close in on Strega and the v-gene screener overseas, back at home Big Dog finishes burying his dead and begins the process of rebuilding the V-8 team. But, will the newly formed V-8 survive even long enough to combat the deadly new organization that is about to challenge the might of the Crimson Queen herself?


The V-Wars world is so messed up and scary that I can’t imagine living in but it does add story to hear. This issue is a whole bunch of reveals that will change the course of the wars for everyone. The whole issue is intertwined between Luther Swann giving a speech and LaShonda and Taurus getting frisky with Stega, who has her own motives. The story is pretty fantastic and goes really quickly. I am not going to reveal too much because you have to read this issue. Let’s just say that, LaShonda and Taurus learns some truths behind each other and what is real. Luther Swann drops a bomb that will change things for both sides. It is exhilarating.

Jonathan Maberry really hits a home run with this issue. It is everything you want in a climatic issue. The reveals are huge and the characters are so well fleshed out. It is amazing.

Alan Robinson does some interesting things with this issue. It is super neat to see the way that he intertwines the speech and the other parts together in a nice neat comic book. It’s a great way that could have gone south but doesn’t.

V-Wars #11 really does some amazing stuff and is a must read.

  • + Gore, Gore, and Gore
  • + Fantastic reveals
  • + The story really makes your pulse race
  • + Visually stunning

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