Uncanny Avengers #13 Review

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Is this truly relevant to a shared universe?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Ragnarök is now!

• Against his masters’ orders a deranged and vengeful Sentry kills an Uncanny Avenger! No hoax, no dream and only the first casualty of many!

• To allow reinforcements from other eras The Wasp must find and destroy the Twins Tachyon transmitter, but first she’ll have to defeat The Grim Reaper.• Scarlet Witch makes an impossible choice that will define her forever.

• Sunfire and Rogue, alone without back up, must defeat the combined might of both Apocalypse Twins or watch the end of our world!

Uncanny Avengers 13_CThe rest of the House of Ideas may be enveloped by Infinity, but for this title the dire stakes facing the world are distinctively different.  And as this creative team proves that can be a really good thing, as the question of unity comes into play.

Rick Remender impresses me as the scribe tackles, in his own way, the core elements that have made the X-Men franchise a socially relevant entry within this pop culture medium.  We take a hard look at the ideas of segregation and coexistence in a saga defined by events that happened prior to these Apocalypse twins.  As broad sweeping and interesting as the text can be the author has a habit of over explaining even the most simple scenarios. More often than not the narration found here can be entertaining but in this latest release there were moments that just felt unbalanced.

The art by Daniel Acuña is detailed and quite inviting as the talent effortlessly builds up this cast of characters.  His work with the franchise has been exemplary thus far.  His renditions are detailed, relevant and more than that they work within the confines of the text to uplift this affair.  In short: this is a visually powerful entry that deserves your attention based solely on the pretty pictures.

Uncanny Avengers #13 continues to be a book that exists outside greater continuity and as the team delivers something all their own they earn a recommendation from me.



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