Amazing Animated PUNISHER Fan Film

Thomas Jane reprising the role of Frank Castle in Dirty Laundry

Fan films can be a difficult proposition. The creators are motivated by genuine affection for the characters, but too often the shoddy production values and the amateurish performances can overwhelm the inspiration. There are some great ones, like the classic Batman: Ashes to Ashes, which is better than most Hollywood comics adaptations. Unfortunately, most fan films are more like… um, well, most fan films are forgettable, which is why I can’t remember any others to mention here as examples of the more forgettable ones.

This year, Marvel’s Punisher character has inspired at least two very good to great fan films. The most recent such film, Do Not Fall in New York City, is an animated mini-masterpiece by a fan called Luis Pelayo Junquera.

The film features a mixture of styles, including some motion-capture, and some primitive-looking shots that, rather than diminishing the film actually enhance the ragged, subjective feel. Frank Castle’s world is almost hopelessly perverse, his point of view bleak, and the film does an admirable job capturing that.

And any excuse is a good excuse to remind everyone of the Punisher fan film created by the great actor, comics publisher, comics writer, and comics fan Thomas Jane, entitled Dirty Laundry.

Thomas Jane of course was the original Frank Castle in the 2004 Punisher film. Perhaps, now that Hung has ceased production, HBO might be interested in picking up a Punisher TV show, with Jane as the lead?


Do Not Fall in New York City source: LIVE FOR FILMS