Top 5 Villains For DC’s Rumoured Month!

If the rumours are to be true, DC is close to an impending villains month in the New 52. There are many evil-doers who need to be dusted off in the new universe. Most simply have not even gotten their due yet, some of the rare exceptions include The Jokes, The Penguin, James Jr., and Bane. These are just a couple of some of the antagonists that haunt the publisher. In the upcoming month hopefully many of the old characters rise to the spotlight and get their due. Here are five who are in need of some exposure,

1)Maxwell Lord

Max is the most confusing knave in the previous continuity. Back in the 80’s Justice League series when he was first created, the writers attempted to redeem the monster they had created. However in the process he became really confusing, and during his big role in Infinite Crisis his character made less sense. At his prime (excuse my pun) Lord is one of the linchpin characters at the company. Giving the personality a fresh coat of paint and new backstory would save him from a watery grave. In Lord we trust!

2)Lex Luthor

Luthor is similar to Lord in more aspects than one. What makes this character different is his relationship to Superman. In Blackest Night Lex even admitted that he was jealous of the alien. He wants to be just like but despises him at the same time. Morrison also touched on this in his seminal ode to Superman. There is more to this scoundrel than what most people see. It is past time for him to get a New 52 story in the modern DCU.



Bette Kane has been in the background of every single issue of Batwoman so far. Sometimes she is simply the black cloud in looming in Kate Kane’s head. As of late the seminal sister has actually appeared on screen in the title. Batwoman thought that she took her down in her previous series. This character is frightening as her most distinguishing quality is to only talk in Alice In Wonderland quotations. When her sister is staring her in the eye, she still refuses to give up her guard. As a result readers have not been deep in the headspace of the younger Kane sister. While she is definitely set to make an appearance in the title soon the real question is, how much about her will be revealed?


Sinestro has a strange role in the galaxy as of late. Writer Geoff Johns has built him up from a two dimensional villain, put one of the greatest evils in him and left the character in a state of flux. Sinestro is not good or evil, He simply does what he see’s fit. In the past few years he has made and lost friends and even fought for the side of the hero. The outlaw still persists to murder many in cold blood. In order to keep this miscreant strong a focus should be put on him during villains month, if only for a brief amount of time.


This character is placed here because if she is to be written again, someone with restrain needs to be handling her. While every villain on this list is incredibly important this character is still fairly new and has made her debut in the last decade. For now she should only be written under the careful hand of Gail Simone herself. The writer has been working for a long time to avert gender stereotypes and Junior is her shining example to comics as a whole. A return to Secret Six who was full of ne’er-do-wells would be a wise to play by DC in this month.

This space of comics is so rich with history, that there always going to be a few fiends left on the bench. A mantra following many comic book writers is, there are no bad characters only bad writers. Hopefully this move will be a return to form for the many rogues hiding in the shadows.