THOR’s future is MARVEL NOW!

Last week we reported on several Marvel NOW! creative team teasers, and we can now confirm that our speculation on Thor (you can checkout that teaser here) was dead on.

The official press release from Marvel:

This November, the all-powerful Thor embarks on a journey that hurtles him through space and time in Thor: God Of Thunder #1, kicking off the all-new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic! As part of Marvel NOW!Thor: God Of Thunder joins a number of titles that will take the Marvel Universe in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry’s top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver all-new ongoing series, great for new and lapsed readers alike!

Throughout the ages, the gods of the Marvel Universe have been vanishing, their mortal worshippers left in chaos. NOW! the Mighty Thor follows a trail of blood that threatens to consume his past, present and future selves. The only hope for these ravaged worlds lies with the God of Thunder unraveling the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher!

Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso had this to say about the new creative team:

Jason and Esad have created a Thor story for the ages, and a villain unlike anything our hero has ever faced.  Combine Jason’s trademark storytelling with Esad’s majestic visuals and the result is a story of breathtaking scale that is sure to thrill a new generation of readers.  This is going to be a book to watch.

Series writer, Jason Aaron, had this to add:

Thor, by definition, demands stories of a grand scale.  This story spans millennia – from the Viking Age to the far flung future. And it takes us all across the Marvel Universe as well. From Earth to the far corners of space, and from all new otherworldly cities of gods to an Asgard like we’ve never seen before, we definitely cover a lot of ground in our initial arc.

So there you have it, our first cover and details about the future of Thor in Marvel NOW!  Don’t forget that each issue of Thor: God of Thunder that’s released under this new initiative will include both digital copies and additional digital content with your physical purchase.

David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales, Marvel Entertainment had this to add regarding Marvel NOW!:

Not only does every book with the Marvel NOW! logo feature a new superstar creative team and blockbuster story, but they also come with all-new incentives for our retailer partners. We want to make sure every comic shop nationwide is fully stocked to meet the high demand we’re already seeing for Marvel NOW! And want to make sure their voices are heard throughout this exciting time. Stay tuned for more news on how Marvel will be working directly with retailers to make sure our programs address their needs.

So what do you guys think?  Is this new creative team a good fit, or do you want somebody else on this brand new title?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Marvel