Thor: God of Thunder #4 Review

The penultimate issue of the Thunder God’s battle against the God Butcher has arrived, will he be able to win the fight, or will he fall like the God’s before him?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Thousands of years in the future the last god king of a ruined Asgard makes his final stand against the berserker legions of the God Butcher. But even a king can fall. Even King Thor.

Just like the 1st 3 issues of the series, the story takes place in three different time periods, with three different events are taking place, but all have the same theme: finding and killing the God Butcher. In 493 A.D. young Thor has been captured and is being tortured by Gorr (The God Butcher), in the present day Thor is looking for said God Butcher, and thousands of years in the future Thor is the last remaining God and is realizing his fight against Gorr has become a futile effort no matter how hard he tries.

The issue moves at the same pace as the one’s before, not so slow that you get bored, but not too fast that your ignorant to what is going on. Gorr is an intimidating opponent, showing his more sinister side as he tortures young Thor and tells him how he has broken Gods the size of mountains, Gods of torture, breaking an immortal with “flesh of stone” in just nine days, and even saying he killed a God for insinuating that Gorr was a God himself. We see more of the villains motivations, he explains to a group of time gods of his “two types of gods”, but there is no real reason of why he has decided on his current course of action. There is also a sense of sorrow when the comic shifts gears to the future where Thor (now King of Asgard) is now the last God alive, and how he doesn’t wanna fight anymore (his friends & family having died long ago). Gorr however won’t even give him the satisfaction of death. His “Black Berzerkers” continually attacking and mortally wounding Thor, only to place him BACK on his throne and start the cycle over again. It’s sort of heartbreaking to see one the strongest willed heroes in the Marvel U in such a state of utter defeat, but it’s understandable seeing as how Gorr has taking him to his limit in 3 different times.

The art by Esad Ribic is still stellar, nothing to really note in this issue. We do get a better look at Gorr and he does have a menacing look to him and mysterious powers that only add to his overall threat level. The environments are drawn really well, from the inter-dimensional library with the knowledge of all Gods, to the battle ravaged Asgard thousands of years in the future.

Thor: God of Thunder continues to impress as the story draws to it’s conclusion in the next issue. A great story with beautiful art, this comic still stands out as one of Marvel’s best.

Reviewer Note: Having Future Thor look like Odin was a nice touch.



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  • Shitty Article

    Horribly written review. So many grammatical errors…

    • Marcell Hines

      Care to elaborate?

      • Jeff Wiesneski

        That would require more effort than just insulting people online, so probably not…

  • James

    “…God’s before him…” should read ‘…Gods before him”, “…has arrived, will he be able to win the fight…” should read “…has arrived: will be be able to win the fight…”, “…three different time periods, with three different events are taking place…” should read “…three different time periods, with three different events taking place…”, “…fast that your ignorant to…” should read “…fast that you’re ignorant to…”, “…how Gorr has taking him to his limit…” should read “…how Gorr has been taking him to his limit…”,