These Jock Iron Man 3 Images Will MELT YOUR FACE OFF!

Comic Book artist Jock has been blowing the faces off of fans since the beginning of this decade. Now he is starting to rip the expectations of the general public in half with movie posters! The incredible designer contributed the Iron Man 3 IMAX poster to cinemas everywhere. His design shows a pivotal scene depicted in some of the trailers. The sequence includes all of the Iron Man armors are launching into the air. As usual the artisan implements streaky designs with flashes of brilliant color. The armors drawn are not precise or realistic, however the graphic design elements propel the professional work of the guru to general awesomeness! Comic Book genius Jock has now offered fans of his work, to feast their eyes on nine alternate designs for the promotional image. Fanboys should view these incredible works of art in a dimly lit secluded room, the reason being that they are freaking incredible! Enjoy the works of a modern Comic maestro!

While all of these images are great, standouts include the second to last image and those containing a blue background. Get ready for an awesome movie when Iron Man 3 launches on May 3rd, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Jock art!