The Reverse Flash Joins The New 52!

Everyone’s least favorite Flash villain got a redesign today that wasn’t half bad. The annoying and very yellow Reverse Flash switched outfits, to a strange mix of black and red that is actually kind of awesome!

The lovable mug known as Francis Manapul redesigned the classic villain for his New 52 debut. The writer and artist explained how he was going to rationalize some of the ridiculously bad motives of the Reverse Flash by fleshing them out in his new title.

The writer confirmed that this new Reverse flash will be a brand new person, but also specified that it would not be Wally West. Fans have been clamoring for the second scarlet speedster ever since he was absent from The New 52.

The artist stated the following in an interview talking about the revamped villain,

We wanted him to look scary. That’s the basic thing that we wanted. Reversing the color, it’s a classic idea and there’s a reason for it; since this is a brand new character we were able to make his costume rise out of the story of how he got his powers. What’s going to be really exciting is we’ll see Flash and the way his costumes comes on and comes out of his ring and it latches onto his skin — Reverse Flash comes out in a different way, it’s a lot more visceral and I think it’s going to be really exciting to see on the page. I don’t think that readers have seen something like that before for Reverse Flash.

 Check out some of the new designs from Francis Manapul and company below,

Here is the gatefold cover for The Flash #19.


Source: CBR