Infinity will soon be upon us as the second big Marvel summer event. Here on this website I have been championing this title as a huge and innovative new concept for those fans still bitter after the horrific Age Of Ultron fiasco. Unlike that other crap forced down our throats this story boasts something huge, the true nature of an organic concept. Writer Jonathan Hickman has slowly been building to this event for a series of months in his Avengers titles. Although Marvel has gotten a lot of deserved flack for events like these, this series has a lot of different elements compared to those that came before. If you are a jaded fan come back and experience this event in real time! Another press conference was held today about the nature of this new storyline and how expansive it has become. Which features covers and promotional images shared from the company, including some really interesting concepts and teased story threads from the different titles.

Woah check out that new outfit for Falcon, also Hickman shares some interesting stuff below,

Weaver and Opeña are equally adept at world building…the fantastic stuff I have in my head is always better when it’s realized by those two guys. Before I was doing ‘Infinity’ I was always going to do a story called ‘Avengers Universe’ at the same time in the regular books, It follows directly from
the revelation of the cosmic entities called The Builders in “Avengers.”

Editor Tom Brevoort also had some really important things to say in regards to the storyline. A question was about how exactly this storyline fits into the 90’s saga that featured events like Infinity gauntlet relating to the current one.

This is not the fourth or fifth part of that cycle While there’s obviously a thematic resonance in that it’s called ‘Infinity,’ that doesn’t have so much to do with the Infinity Gauntlet per se…certainly, the fact that the Infinity Gems when last anyone knew about them were in the hands of the New Avengers who kind of broke them is not something that’s going to be untouched upon in the course of ‘Infinity. This will have the kind of sweep you’d expect from a ‘Fear Itself’ or ‘Siege’ or ‘Secret Invasion’ [in terms of monthly tie-ins.]

Stay tuned to the site as this event will continue to unfold.

Source: CBR