The Mighty Skullkickers #1 Review

Can Rex pass the test of “The Pool of Great Reflection”? Is the dwarf immortal or has he just been given a second chance?

Official description from Image Comics:

MIGHTY SKULLKICKERS: A classic relaunch that blazes a new trail with familiar fan favorite sensibilities. A bold, new direction, a continuing story and a brand new adjective! Our twenty-first issue is brand a new #1! Our B cover is a variant with the original numbering, in case readers want their issue super-duper “old school.”

Eighty Eyes on Evil Island Part 3 is be the subtitle if we’re gonna get technical. The saga continues! Aside from Rex fighting “himself” in the pool of reflection there was not much action in this issue. That’s not to say it wasn’t hilarious! Once again I’m laughing audibly as I read the latest adventure. Apparently the mention of melons being destroyed can motivate the apes with horns.  Also I can’t be too sure but I think there was a “naked” ape dancing in front of the fire at one point in the comic.

Jim Zub readies us for the next issue’s action by throwing in phrases like “meatbeer” and “I know you are but what am I?”  He also nicely has Rex, Kusia and the apes party hard the night before assembling together to infiltrate Thool’s layer. You gotta let loose before going into certain death, am I right? There was no shortage of jokes here.

Edwin Huang did an excellent job of capturing the mystical glow of the reflecting pool. I’m always impressed by his work and this was no exception. Besides, who else can make ocean vomit look beautiful? Every time I go back and look at this work I always see something I missed the first time around.

In short, the Mighty Skullkickers is yet another must buy. Four out of five stars.


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