The High Ways #3 Review

Is Megan evil or just misunderstood?

The official description from IDW:

Mysteries begin to unfold as our crew learns there are plots within plots and betrayals within betrayals. And just what IS the relationship between Cagney and Megan?

In this issue the crew was double-crossed and held captive, as we get to meet the diabolical Dr. K and some of his creations. The nature of Megan and Cagney’s relationship is finally revealed as the audience learns that he made a deal with the doctor to save his crew. It’s a little too late for that given the state of Sprout and as this issue comes to a close we’re left with two lingering questions: What deal did Cagney make with Dr. K?  What does Dr. K want with Ceres?

John Byrne is a master of the sci-fi genre. As one side story ends a whole new one opens up so without a doubt there is never a dull moment here.  And it’s through the constant search for answers that this title will keep followers reading and wanting more. A big plus of having an ensemble cast such as this is that many plot twists and unexpected turns come off as both believable and interesting in their own right.

Byrne also did the artwork with Len O’Grady as the colorist. His drawings are so detailed and realistic that I found myself going back to look at the pictures to study the varying ships. It was specific, down to the background behind them as the panels simply assisted the narrative as they ebbed and flowed in a way that uplifted the overall quality despite their different sizes.

The High Ways #3 was exciting because when one question was answered, two more surfaced in its place. I also liked the addition of more characters as I was left wondering if some (like Estelle) would have a larger role in the next outing. At times there was a little too much going on to the point where it took away from the ultimate quality of the comic but I’m still giving it a light recommendation.


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