The 5 Things YOU Need To KNOW About DC In OCTOBER!

After the mess that was Villain’s month in September, most fans were expecting a relaxed amount of normal product from DC Comics. The famed publisher did not hold back this month, as they unleashed a massive shit ton of titles. Many new series and different titles were introduced, along with some creative team switching and even a few cancellations. This is a rapidly changing industry as each month see’s something new. Here are some of the most important developments coming from the house of Superman in October.

Trinity War! 

First and foremost it is important to note that there are pretty much two ongoing events in the Universe as of September. The first of which is Trinity War which holds a fight between the three different Justice League teams in the DCU. Those being Justice League Dark, plain old Justice League, and the confusingly named Justice League Of America. The seeds have been sewn for this ever since the launch of the recent Justice League Of America book. While it is a bit excessive to have so many events play out over that long period of time, this event does feel more natural than most and warrants some excitement. In the October solicitations the covers for the trio of titles feature cryptic messages exclaiming that the Justice League is ours. Hopefully these are not the real covers and the company is just hiding them to avoid spoilers for a later date. 


Next up is the other giant crossover known as Forever Evil. This second event does not feel earned when all of this giant other crossover madness is happening. Yes the villains have not been a prominent force in any of the titles lately, but having an entire event based on that idea seems weak. The worst part is the incredible amount of tie-ins for the event itself. While things like the main series and Forever Evil: Arkham War are interesting, titles like Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. and Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion seem completely excessive. How fans will keep up with all of this madness is beyond even me, having two events alongside each other is also really bad for the industry. Many are feeling a sort of event fatigue and constantly bombarding these stunts are not good for anyone.

 Huge BATMAN Issue! 

The Batman family of titles is also having a huge month. Batman #24 is going to be an extreme 64 pages of sheer insanity. A back up artist is not credited on the title, but how on earth could Capullo cram 64 pages out in such a small amount of time. Charging a premium price on the books that Scott Snyder is writing is awful. Readers first saw this with Superman Unchained that featured a startling five dollar price tag. Hopefully November will be a smaller month for the publisher. Elsewhere in the Batman And ___ title, Batman is teaming up with Two Face. This excites me as it could lead to some interesting story opportunities for the character. In the title currently Bruce is trying to escape the cycle of grief over Damien, as different characters shuffle in and out of the narrative. There are some interesting implications for everyone involved in the story. Batwoman also has another stunning cover with a completely different technique than usually seen from master comic book artist J.H. Williams.

 Rafael Albuquerque Is AWESOME!

In other news a new artist is coming over to Animal Man for a few issues. The series has been a beloved jemstone of The New 52 since it’s inception. Penciller Steve Pugh has been doing a formidable job on the series as of the past few issues, after the original artist Travel Foreman left. Rafael Albuquerque is doing the pencils for a few issues of the series. Which is endlessly exciting, this is a limited stunt because the storyteller is still set to return to American Vampire soon. I have little doubt that the fantastic news will do anything but help the title as it is in a strange time of transition. Justice League 3000 with Giffen and DeMatteis is also launching relatively soon. Which is exciting because Larfleeze has proven to be a solid title from the creative team, and I have little doubt that the new series will be any exception. It seems that this comic is indeed set in the future. Also the Mike Grell Green Arrow series is finally getting reprinted by DC, this is cause for some major excitement for fans of the character.

Vertigo Is Back!

While all of this other craziness is ripping apart the Comics Industry, Vertigo is being resurrected this month. Comics like Trillium and The Wake are no doubt proving successful for the pillar of the company, but now a bunch of new projects are finally launching. Most notably out of all the titles proves to be The Sandman: Overture. This is a major return to form for the horror imprint as well as writer Neil Gaiman and the incredible J.H. Williams. The Witching hour is an anthology featuring a lot of stellar creators from the industry tackling short stories. In addition new horror comics Hinterkind and Coffin Hill are also seeing some new number ones. The titles are interesting but many will have to take a wait and see approach for these titles.

 As you can tell there are some major things happening for the publisher in October. This is only half of all the titles as Marvel has not put out there solicitations yet. Get ready for even more chaos in the coming days!

Source: CBR