Superior Spider-Week STRIKES Again With CARNAGE!

Fans of poorly written 90’s comic books rejoice! Carnage has gotten another miniseries.

If this story seems redundant after yesterday’s Superior Foes Of Spider-Man announcement, that’s because it is. Who knew Superior Spider-Week meant announcing a new comic to crowd the market every day! Spidey is in a lot of trouble with all of these villains after him.

The new title is written by nerd renaissance man Kevin Shinick. Shinick is an actor and writer who has worked in many different mediums in entertainment. Shinick is still newer to the comics scene; the last title he worked on incidentally was Avenging Spider-Man.

The young writer is joined by another new creator on art, Stephen Segovia. Segovia has worked on the recently cancelled X-treme X-Men. Rumor has it that the series has spearheaded into a a character attempting to control and revive Carnage.

Shinick shared some information about the series explaining how the title will pick up from where he left Carnage.

The Spidey scribe also touched on how while writing the series, he has to strike a balance of darkness and light within the story. Some insight was offered by the scribe, touching on how Carnage will change into a different sort of host within the title.

Superior Carnage may be flooding the market right now, but giving new creators a chance to touch the Marvel scene is commendable.