The Strain: Eternal Night #5 Review

With the last comic discussing the origins of one of our hero’s, what will happen when our characters have to go into a large mission to save Dr. Nora Martinez? Read on to find out more.

A game-changing rescue mission is underway as our heroes storm the veritable slaughterhouse Camp Liberty, in search of Dr. Nora Martinez!

Bob, oh, boy, do we have an exciting issue of the strain for you! This issue has it all. We start withSTRAINNE-5-PG-01-26600 a prison that may be in space? There is a big reveal of who is on that station with her mother and it is Nora Martinez the strong female of the series that really knows how to kick butt. It is shown that she is alive and may have a plan of escape but she will not be alone in this world because our heroes are coming to save her. This is where it gets crazy. It is really just a bunch of fighting and reveals that make you gitty to read every panel. It moves quickly so you may have to read a couple times to really get the full intake of the comic but it is so worth it. I haven’t been this excited in a while for a comic.

David Lapham does a great job of bringing the characters to life and knows how to pace a comic to keep us coming back for more. It is well done and very exciting. My only complaint is that the next issue isn’t here.

Mike Huddleston really brings the action to life with this issue. It could be something that would be overwhelming for some but he does it well. You will really enjoy the rescue mission scenes and the fights because they are detailed and exciting.

The Strain: Eternal Night #5 is a fun and exciting addition to the story.

+A fan favorite comes back +Awesome visuals +Exciting and fun +The world is so cool and scary.

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