Son Of Merlin #3 Review

Son of Merlin is back! But is Simon’s magic strong enough to fend off a more experienced wizard?
Official Description from Image Comics:

Morgana never anticipated that Merlin’s bastard son, the MIT professor Simon Ambrose, would delay her plan to obtain the Stone of Giramphiel. But even with the power inherent in Merlin’s diary, Simon isn’t ready to face her in battle. To seek refuge from Morgana’s grasp, Simon will need to call upon enchanters of old who have spent the past century hiding in plain sight in New York City.

After a crash course in magic, Simon and Gwen are “surrounded” by Morgana’s son using a bilocation spell. As Simon is either nervous or weak, it takes quick thinking on Gwen’s part to keep from being killed. The explosions are grander and the magic is fiercer. And while there is plenty of action it doesn’t distract from the heart of the saga. And although small, readers will appreciate the tie-ins from the Arthurian legend.

Robert Napton’s storyline gets intense as Simon and Gwen decide to infiltrate Morgana’s headquarters. It’s awesome to see Simon’s magic growing and how they begin to use it to their advantage. Gwen’s story is developing also, as we discover she’s not the only one in her family that knew Merlin. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface!

Artist Zid does it again. On the cover he uses the perfect amount of shading to give Ywain, Morgana’s son, that menacing look. Inside the issue, some panels looked so realistic and downright beautiful. He knows just when to use an overhead angle for the scene. The lines, the color, everything blended seamlessly.

In other words, Son of Merlin #3 is a stellar comic that readers will enjoy. This fantastic journey of Merlin’s son, becoming the man his father was, comes highly recommended.


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