Skullkickers #31 Review

If there’s one thing obvious with Skullkickers #31, it’s that its been away for too long. The series has never had the most reliable releases and it whimsically changed its names more than once but still, it says a lot that its so easy to get back into the swing of things. 

The official description from Image:

“INFINITE ICONS OF THE ENDLESS EPIC,” Part One This is it, the beginning of the end. Beer, blood, and battle. Get on board now so you can say you were there when it all blew up. “Skullkickers is one of the smartest comics out there.” – Newsarama


The plot itself is very easy to get back into, as this issue does a fantastic job of reminding readers without bothering them. That’s always been part of the Skullkickers charm, and that sense of fun and humor is still very much present. In short, it’s an action-packed issue that is trying to tell a larger story, but never takes itself too seriously for even a moment.

That said, the wider story does hurt the title, even if slightly. This issue is definately trying to tie up loose ends, so its no surprise that writer Ji Zub brings in a few minor characters here and there. It doesn’t ever get in the way, but newer readers won’t pick up on their significance. Still, despite this, Zub deserves credit for balancing everything in a chaotic bar scene. While this isn’t the most epic of endings, it ultimately feels right for Skullkickers.

Visually, things look very much the same and that’s never a bad thing. Edwin Huang provides some very stylised, yet detailed, pencils which hold their own in some of the more complex pages and panels – notably, there are few large panels or splash pages here. Similarly, the vibrant and varied colors, courtesy of Misty Coats, helps bring the title to life and, overall, add to the fun-loving appeal.

In summary, this is a welcome return to form. Equal parts lore, story and fun, Skullkickers #31 is a well-rounded stable issue that eagerly kicks back into the swing of things.

  • + Back into the plot
  • + Funny, fantastic and frivelous!
  • + Great artwork!
  • - Been a while, who's that bloke again?

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