Sheltered #14 Review

The kids of New Haven have messed up and soon they will be destroyed but does Lucas have something up his sleeve? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

The end draws near.

STK655596The last issue dealt with the kids of New Haven being found out but Lucas knew that no one would be able to touch them because they were kids, until they decided to blow up a chopper and the world changed and Lucas knew it. This issue is the aftermath of that. First off, Lucas realizes what is happening and makes everyone go to the bunker. Along with that two characters are left outside and one gets his revenge. The police move in and they do some great stuff to move this story along. We get a flash to the girls that got away and we see that they don’t want their friends destroyed but no one listens. Finally, we get a very exciting ending that will really decide the end of this series. It is emotional and very well done. You almost feel bad about everything that is happening but remember what has happened before this point. You will love this issue as much as I did because this is a brilliant comic series.

Ed Brisson is a fantastic writer and continues to deliver a fantastic series. It is really something special and has all the feels you need in a comic series. It is fantastic.  I really think that this writer is going to continue to do amazing things. I just wish that this series wasn’t over soon.

Johnnie Christmas continues to draw this comic with pristine and awesomeness. It is gritty and exciting while bringing the emotions of the characters out. It is something special.

Sheltered #14 is a really great addition to the series that has no flaws. 

  • + Fantastic Visuals
  • + Amazing Story line
  • + Compelling characters
  • - The world is coming to an end

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