SEX #12 Review

I never thought I’d say this but, I am getting a little worn out with Sex! Yeah, I’m shocked too but this story is quickly going nowhere and getting long in the tooth.

Official description from IMAGE: Life in Saturn City is about to get even more complicated. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? And who’s getting laid? The answers will SHOCK and AWE as the first year of SEX comes to a climax!

It’s been a full year since Sex was released and at most times it’s been exciting and edgy. But now after at issue #12 it’s starting to feel like a dog chasing his tail. As a reader from the beginning I’m not getting a sense that there is a bigger story behind all the small ones and many of those are becoming tedious. The most exciting part of this issue is the two stories played out side by side. Keenan in a fight for his life to join a new gang and the torture of the Prank Addict by the Old Man. While Keenan’s story as a whole is the most interesting it still feels like it’s taken a lifetime to get here. The Old Man is without a doubt the most sadistic disgusting villain but it more shock than stock. Simon Cooke is wasted this issue with his continuing malaise over turning into more business man than hero. sex12CvrI’ve like Joe Casey’s work but I just don’t get a sense that this story is going much beyond these little anecdotes between characters. The most exciting issue to date was the issue where we finally got a flashback of the main cast of characters when they were heroes and villains. Sex started fast but by issue #12 feels like it’s limping along and seems be headed for just more of the same. The best thing about this book continues to be Piotr Kowalski’s art, his excellent line work and Brad Simpson’s use of color. The devil is in the details and Kowalski doesn’t skimp on those or the graphic nature of the material at times. His work is at its best when it’s full of action but unfortunately that is too few and far between. If Casey’s goal was to get the reader to feel the boredom that comes after the exciting life of a hero or villain then, job well done. Because I feel Simon Cooke’s pain and loneliness in the hopes of bigger and better things. While Keenan and to a lesser degree Annabelle’s stories have the most promise I hope the dead weight can be weeded out and the odd, dangerous and graphic promise this book began with make a triumphant return of Sex and quick.

  • + Intense action and sex scenes
  • - Slow going overall
  • - Quickly becoming repetitive
  • - Needs more substance, less shcock

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