A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #2 Review

Two issue in: does the second volume deserve a spot on your pull-list? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Zoey and Rio get to know each other better and find in each other someone who truly understands them. Detective Dunst starts to narrow down the suspect list, but is he working for justice or money?

A Voice in the Dark-Get Your Gun 2_Preview PageWhat really separates this series from your average comic book franchise is the clear level of skill that just flows within and off its pages. The creator, writer and artist is a one man show that exercises a high level of consistency while continuing the adventures of our young killer that just so happens to be a somewhat good person.

The script by Larime Taylor pulls Zoey Aarons beyond her compulsion to kill while she wrestles with the newest potential psychopath in her life. Rio is a bit of an issue but it’s clear that he’s on her side with, seemingly, nothing to hide. And from my own view, for a murderer, he actually comes off as a decent guy. Plus in the wake of our protagonist’s latest kill streak, he might be just what she was looking for and didn’t know she needed. And that right there is the fun of the text, as some engrossing dialogue escalates the stakes while leaving enough room for growth.

Visually I have next to no complaints. Larime Taylor proves again and again that with each line and curve he’s a master illustrator who happens to understand the boundaries of his own abilities. And for a title that’s ninety percent dialogue, it’d be easy to get lost, but there’s weight placed on the visual side as it becomes a literary anchor of sorts. Panels must be able to carry the moment and they do, especially when the dynamic colors by Jay Savage come into play.

A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #2 is a smartly written and well paced comic. It yields an experience that not only deserves an audience but earns one as it comes recommended.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The creator of A Voice in the Dark has had some personal tragedy recently which caused the delay between issues. I know we as a community are great at rallying behind one another and if you would like to help out with the financial costs here’s a direct link to Larime‘s GoFundMe Page.

  • + Had clever dialogue.
  • + Sturdy plot progression.
  • + The art continues to impress.
  • - Needed a bit more action from Rio.

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