Unity #4 Review

What started out as Unity is rapidly falling apart. Now that Toyo Harada is in possession of the X-O armor his team is well aware that his intentions with it are not for the good, must work together to take it back and take him down. This is the issue that changes course for literally everyone.

Official description from VALIANT:
UNITY divided! Here comes heavyweight showdown you’ve been waiting for! As Harada’s secret machinations come to light, the newly minted UNITY team will be faced with a choice that will change them forever – and the Valiant Universe along with it.

Matt Kindt is writing a plot with more twists and turns than your average comic book. Long time readers of the Valiant universe know that Harada and the Harbinger Foundation is not to be trusted it’s just now that Harada’s team has to do something about it. Kindt makes an abrupt about face with Ninjak, the Eternal Warrior and most especially Livewire. She owes Harada her life but realizes that she owes the world and Aric of Dacia even more. Livewire has gone from Harada lackey to one of the most powerful members of the team that now stands against him.

UNITY_004_COVERWhat begins as a look at the new team Harada is forming transforms into an all out action packed battle where each participant has a shining moment…or three. Kindt wages an massive war which will leave your head spinning but brings out the true heroics of Harada’s former teammates. Literally strap yourself in for some great comic book action! While everyone gets their moment shine, Livewire is the real winner here. She not only shows she has the heart of a leader but the soul of a great hero. Having unlocked the mystery of the X-O armor and a new found kinship with Aric, Livewire really is the star of the show.

Doug Braithwaite shows off here as well. Kindt opens the flood gates and Braithwaite illustrates the madness. What I like most is his consistency of clearly defining the action within any panel. Many artists get lost in the cacophony of the action and loses the reader along the way. Braithwaite gives you all of the action and impact without any of the clutter or confusion.

Kindt also throws in a nice side story of the journalist Aric rescued during the battle he had with the Russian military and how she has become a secret ally and asset to Aric’s cause. Not too heavy, just a nice arc to bring in more character and heroics of a not-so-super scale. Unity has been one hell of a ride from the beginning and issue #4 ends in a big bang and on a high note. The new heroes have arrived and it’s one of the most entertaining and exciting new team books in comic shops today. There are many good team books on the market but Unity is on the verge of being a great one! Try Valiant’s team on for size and you’ll be more than a little bit surprised how good and exciting it is.



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