Thanos vs. Hulk #4 Review

Thanos vs. Hulk is all Hulked-Out, but Nowhere to Go!

The official description from Marvel:

• The New and Improved Annihilus proves too powerful for the Hulk to handle!

• Who will be the Green Goliath’s unexpected rescuer?

Thanos vs Hulk 4 Starlin CoverThis is THE END? of the four part mini-series from Marvel… We will definitely see more from Jim Starlin on this subject. His favorite subject, Infinity.

In fact, we should be looking out for his next Graphic Novel, Thanos: The Infinity Relativity, coming soon (June 2015)!

I have to admin, I am a bigger fan of Thanos, than I am of Hulk. And while I like Annihilus, even a Hulked-Out Annihilus, he still pales in comparison to Thanos – IMHO, anyway. So, why is this important? Well, After the second issue of this series, Thanos was no where to be seen. It was fine for issue 3, with the setup of ANNIHIHULK and all, but nothing in this last issue? Save a standard shot of him watching a monitor as the action unfolds…

Maybe that is what Marvel Cosmic has made him out to be now? No longer fighting big battles? Just sitting around, calling other people, “Boy!”. Haha. Who knows. Either way, I think it was a bit of a cop-out to put “THANOS vs.” in the title of this book. Having Jim Starlin at the cosmic wheel with Hulk should have been enough.

Anyway, as expected, this issue was released with two covers, as it wouldn’t be a Thanos story without a variant from the great Ron Lim!

 Thanos vs Hulk 4 Lim Cover

Oh, just for good measure – Last review, I said, “I just hope Thanos makes a bigger splash in this series than Annihilus has so far!” See why I am a little disappointed? Anyway…

Now for some preview pages:

 Thanos vs Hulk 4 Preview 2


 Thanos vs Hulk 4 Preview 3

…and one more:

Thanos vs Hulk 4 Preview 4

Hmm, seems more like “Annihilus vs. Hulk, by Starlin!”…

Finally – Now for the “obligatory” portion of my review, Aaron Meyers’, related tweet“Hulk vs. Thanos was a fun mini series. Exactly what I wanted and worth reading.”

Heh, I agree to a point…

  • + Another Starlin Cosmic story in the books!
  • + Starlin delivers another fun romp through the cosmos!
  • - Having 'Thanos vs.' in title was apparently just for show...
  • - It seemed to end abruptly.

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