Thanos vs. Hulk #1 Review

Join in on Marvel Cosmic at its quirkiest! Thanos vs. Hulk vs. Negative Zone vs. Pip vs. Iron Man vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. vs….

The official description from Marvel:

• An all-new four-part story by fan-favorite Jim Starlin begins here!

• The Hulk is kidnapped by Pip the Troll and traded to Annihilus!

• Then Thanos of Titan gets thrown into the mix….

Thanos vs Hulk 1 CoverWhat happens when Pip the Troll has a bad idea? He kidnaps the Hulk, trades him to Blastaar for a space-girl, and then “tricks” Thanos on getting him back.

Sound interesting? Sound Fun? Either way, it explains the who, what, and why of Jim Starlin‘s Thanos vs. Hulk…

And in true Starlin style, all this quirky cosmic fun comes with a bunch of high powered cameos – I cannot remember when the words “Infinity Watch” were mentioned this much in a comic.

This is a four part mini-series dedicated to a cosmic romp that is sure to end much like it started, with everyone back to normal, but better for the experience, albeit a bit more black, blue, and purple.

This issue was released with two covers, as it wouldn’t be a Thanos story without a variant from the great Ron Lim!

Thanos vs Hulk 1 Variant Cover

I had heard that this story was originally supposed to be just a simple arc within the ongoing Savage Hulk series, but with the popularity of Thanos, it was instead marketed and released as its own mini-series. I agree with this move. As an avid Thanos fan, I always appreciate a good isolated Thanos mini-series.

Thanos vs Hulk 1 Preview 1

Regarding the art…While I am not shy about my stance that Ron Lim is my favorite Thanos artist, I have always appreciated and respected Starlin’s art. I know some will have an issue with it, but honestly, it brings back a bit of much needed nostalgia, and heck, a bit (or more) of Starlin is exactly what a Marvel Cosmic story needs…

Thanos vs Hulk 1 Preview 2

So, to round out this review, I will quote one of the biggest comic book experts I know, Aaron Meyers, from his tweet yesterday: “Thanos vs. Hulk is fun. Its very Starlin. Fun Starlin. Ill read the rest too.”

My sentiments exactly.

  • + Jim Starlin is back! With a cosmic tale only he could tell!
  • + Starlin Writing! Starlin Art! Starlin Fun!
  • + The first of four new Thanos issues, with some unexpected cameos!
  • - It is doing its best to fit directly in with continuity, but some of it seems forced.

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