Superior Spider-Man #30 Review

Doc Ock’s time inside Peter’s head is drawing to a close but Superior Spider-Man #30 will still surprise you with not only action but with heart and wit.

Official description from MARVEL:
‘Goblin Nation’ – Part 4 of 5, Since the start of DYING WISH, it has ALL been building to this. One of the most important moments of the ENTIRE Superior Spider-Man Saga! Once this happens, it CANNOT be undone!

Wow, this is one of the single biggest events during this run and that’s saying a lot considering all this really started back in Amazing Spider-Man #700. For fans who abandoned Spidey and writer Dan Slott in the midst of this run have really missed out and Slott redeems any past perceived crimes against Peter Parker in one single issue. In issue #30, in the heat of the “Goblin War”, everything, for literally everyone is falling apart. It’s been going downhill for Otto for a while now but J. Jonah starts to lose his grip through his renewed obsession with Spider-Man, Superior or Amazing. Menace, Norman Osborn and Hobgoblin will all have a reckoning coming to them by issue’s end.

SSM30Cvr2WEBSlott has really done a great job on this whole run but this issue he not only shows how much Spider-Man means to him but to readers as well. Sure he killed Peter, but each tragic death can bring redemption and Slott proves it here. Not only that but Slott shows some love and reverence for Doc Ock as well. Without spoiling it, when Peter does return Slott will make sure Otto goes out with some class and dignity left in tact. If you only plan on returning to Spider-Man with the new Amazing #1 and not read any of Superior I suggest you read-up and quick. Everything that has happened since Peter’s death until his Amazing return will be colored and effected by Otto’s turn in Peter’s head.

Chistos Gage, who penned this script, shows a lot of respect for what Slott started and through the Mindscape shared by Peter and Otto shows Gage understands what it means to be a hero and why fans love Spider-Man.

Giuseppe Camuncoli’s runs wild here with the action and the glorious Mindscape where literally anything can take place. There is a spread that shows Peter walking through all of his and Otto’s memories that is dense with all the glory of some of Peter’s best moments under the mask. He finishes off the issue with a simplistic but striking pose which will get your blood pumping for the excitement and action still to come.

Honestly, I’m a little sad as this book is one issue away from the return of Peter and along with the anticipation Slott and his team make you feel for Otto if even for the tiniest of moments. Superior Spider-Man has had it’s share of shocking moments and Superior Spider-Man #30 has the biggest of them all. I welcome the return of Amazing Spider-Man but also know Slott did the right thing by giving fans a Superior Spider-Man and a superior story!

  • + Emotional story
  • + Great Script
  • + Action packed art
  • - Almost over

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