Sinergy #4 Review

Sinergy #4 feels like it should be ramping up rather than setting a stage but it’s all in good monster loving fun.

The official description from Image:

Jess’s monster lover returns professing love, but she senses a trap, not romance, as the seers prepare themselves for the inevitable monster invasion!

Sinergy #4 PreviewIssue #3 of Sinergy‘s five-part series was all out action and Sinergy #4 slows the pace down quite a bit. It’s all setting up for what I assume co-writers Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma have planned for a full-blown end of all things battle. My only complaint is that I felt this series took a step backward with this issue. It’s a lot of exposition and discussions on who’s who in the battle between seer’s and monsters and what’s coming next. If you didn’t know what was going on up to this point, you will after this issue.

Jess’ mother also has her time of hand-wringing and contemplation about filing divorce papers. Apparently as time has gone by her husband isn’t as effective at hiding his true calling and she is becoming immune to the monster blood he uses to deceive her. It’s a family on the brink of destruction and there’s not much anyone is willing or can do about it. Monster’s before wives and family, I suppose, unless your child inherits your abilities. Although Jesse is quite shaken once his wife reveals what should have been obvious only wish there were more heart-wrenching moments throughout.

Jess on the other hand still believes in true love as her monster boyfriend comes calling to her in the night to convince her monsters and seer’s can still be lovers. Very Romeo and Juliet but totally impractical and the underhandedness of what’s really at play is extremely transparent but on both sides of the coin so it serves as a good plot point rather than a deceptive trick. No one is going in blind here.

Oeming’s art is so stylistic I can only assume some readers either love it or hate it. I really love it as it gives this supernatural story a lot of character and a little bit of whimsy. His monsters have zero limitations and his imagination runs wild on many of them. Soma’s colors are bold with plenty of primary colors and very bold choices for color patterns. In one scene Jess looks like a blue monster rather than a seer while talking to her boyfriend. A little confusing, honestly, but non-the-less a bold choice.

Sinergy #4 is colorful and fantastical in nature but a bit of a come down from last issue. Lots of plot lines take their final step toward their conclusion and there’s plenty of clever and funny dialogue to keep you smiling. It might not everyone’s cup of tea but for me it’s been a fast-paced, interesting look at the magic and the drama of growing up in such a crazy world. It’s not easy for Jess and on the surface can be seen as a bit naive but once she commits she’s dedicated and unwavering. She’s much more than what just appears on the surface. As long as the final chapter is equally action-packed as issue #4 was working through explanations, then Sinergy will be an overall well-balanced and fun story, maybe even a little heart-warming.

  • + Fun
  • + Comical
  • - Slower pace than previous issues
  • + Sets up for a solid finale

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