Reyn #2 Review

The next issue is here, but should you care? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Reyn returns Seph to her father and the Followers of Tek, who ask him to join them on a mission to stop the Venn from destroying Fate.

Reyn 2_Preview PageIf you wanted an action packed entry then this creative team should have your attention, as they chart an easy to follow yarn. Let’s be clear: what we have is a straight forward fantasy, but there were a few narrative actions that continued to build the layers of a mythos. And in the end I some may wish that there could have been more meat to the plot, as each of these elements needed attention, but it’s all still rather fun.

Kel Symons gives up plenty of space, in regards to setting up who our primaries are. The surviving Warden is a threat, while his new sidekick amps up his level whether our villains, or he, knows it yet. The focus of the written word keeps us as an audience in play while kinetic energy born from a frantic pace lights our way. Each sequence offers something relevant to the future, but as it is right now there’s no real depth yet. And at this moment the lack of detail somehow fails to derail the momentum of this saga.

On the visual side Nate Stockman offered up concentrated pencil strokes that played right along with the intent of the adventure. From the action to the forced labor, every pencil stroke ebbed and flowed with the right level of skill. Because of that I have to admit this illustrator’s style is assuredly growing on me. Add in the consistent colors by Paul Little and this latest romp from Image delivers the art it needs to.

Reyn #2 is not a genre re-defining experience and it’s over too quickly, but it’s still loads of fun. Add in the fact that you can just tell that the team behind it has some idea where they want to go with this and it soundly earns a recommendation from me.

  • + Strong visuals.
  • + Competent pace.
  • + It has personality.
  • - Wanted more detail...

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