Mind MGMT #31 Review

Whether you Forgive or Forget, Remember: Mind MGMT!

The official description from Dark Horse:

The final MIND MGMT arc takes everything right back to the beginning, as Meru looks back at the mysterious Flight 815, the event that started it all!

* Includes a special recap story for new readers!

* Hailed as one of the greatest comics of our time!

* “The Immortals” part 1 of 5.

“Month after month, Matt Kindt breaks all pre-conceived notions of what comic books are with MIND MGMT.”—IGN

Mind MGMT 31 CoverAfter a little hiatus, Mind MGMT is back with another thrilling issue, the beginning of the end: The Immortals!

Happily, it wasn’t all hiatus. Because unless you missed it, we still had a little Mind MGMT in the month of February, in Dark Horse Presents #7. Just like for Dark Horse Presents 31, this Mini-Mind MGMT story was a collaboration between Matt and hist wife, Sharlene. And once again Sharlene owned it, with some of the most beautifully vibrant colors I have seen in watercolor comics!

Oh, and the story wasn’t too shabby, either…Anytime we get more background on Lyme, is a treat. As expected, I HIGHLY recommend picking up DHP #7, not only for the “Shock Troupe” Mind MGMT story, but also because: DHP just rocks!

Now back to our regularly scheduled comic review, already in progress…

Mind MGMT 31 Preview 1

Like seriously, already in progress. It is as if the pages you read when you pick up an issue of Mind MGMT are just a simple artifact within the story itself. Like it is nothing at all to suggest that everything that we have been reading might just be another “character” in the book. Mind. Blown.

Again and again.

Mind MGMT 31 Preview 3

Matt Kindt never ceases to amaze! This story. I mean, if you haven’t noticed, This story of Mind MGMT is so much more than it appears. I am not even sure which storytelling wall he has broken, but I am positive it will never be the same again.

And I have to take a moment to describe how incredibly creative (and creepy) the imagery of “the twins” is now – when I first saw what they had become, my brain couldn’t come to terms with whether it made sense, or if it was to disturbing to process. In the end, this character’s psyche explains it all – fantastic job – just simply an amazing execution of these character roles.

Mind MGMT 31 Preview 5

Back to Meru – her true power and foresight shine through in this issue. Initially, I struggled with whether cataloging everything for someone (us?) was a smart move, given how things worked out…but again, who are we to think that it wasn’t all part of the plan? You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet, after all.

Mind MGMT 31 Preview 6

So, what’s next for Meru? Forgiveness? War?

I’ll say, a bit of both.

BTW – No, I didn’t miss; but yes, I ran out of words to discuss the significance of the lack of side text, the very interesting “backup story”, “Triple Indemnity”, and the ever impressive mini-panel “Mind MGMT so far” pages…and I am using as much self-control as possible to hold back the anxiety around the fact that we only have 5 more issues of Mind MGMT!

  • + The start of the final story arc, The Immortals!
  • - The start of the final story arc, The Immortals!
  • + Matt Kindt has taken "Meta" to the next level!
  • + Enhanced visuals reminiscent of ex-Management artist, Jardin!

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