Mind MGMT #29 Review

When the fate of Mind MGMT is at stake, you can’t believe your eyes!

The official description from Dark Horse:

New York Times bestseller!

Meru takes on the Eraser one on one, with deadly results. But will a familiar face in sunglasses show up just in time?

“Kindt outdoes himself on so many levels.” —IGN

“It will blow your mind.” —Unleash the Fanboy

Mind MGMT 29 CoverThis is the battle we have all been waiting for…everything Meru has been building up since issue 25 comes to a head, here.

Matt Kindt does it yet again, weaving an amazing tapestry of illusion for reader and character alike. In fact, I am not sure what I know about the story after this issue…

As we have come to expect, the plot unfolds at a perfect pace. This issue is a great mix of development and action. All the wonderfully crafted final pages of the previous issues complete the puzzle for this super spy rumble.

Is Meru ready?

Mind MGMT 29 Preview 5

Well, she better be…

MIND MGMT FIELD GUIDE 29.11. Avoid enemy eraser-agents at all costs.

Then again, if Meru actually paid attention to the field guide, she wouldn’t be on this path.

And I have to say, as an avid reader of the MIND MGMT FIELD GUIDE (you know that blue text up the side of most pages, each issue), I have never seen this many entries containing “strictly prohibited”.

Mind MGMT 29 Preview 6

Regardless of what the guide says, I think she will do just fine. But then again, I am biased.

Now a bit about the art – another subject where I am hugely biased. Matt’s style, especially for this series, is now my favorite art style. Rough lines, brushed inks and watercolor make for some of the most beautiful pieces of art available today. It is obvious that Matt has mastered this craft – just look at the details in each page.

And I have to admit, even as a super-fan, I miss some of the artistic detail from time to time… In fact, it wasn’t until today, when I was taking a look back at the cover to Issue 27 (one of my favorites in the series), that I noticed how well Matt has honed his watercolor-FU:

Mind MGMT 27 Cover

See if you can spot the word “FOREVER” in the flames, and you will start to understand why Matt’s art has become the standard to which I hold all others…

  • + Meru vs. The Eraser!
  • + The battle for the fate Mind MGMT is here!
  • + Matt Kindt continues to deliver the best story, ever!
  • + AMAZINGLY beautiful ART!

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