Mind MGMT #28 Review

MIND MGMT FIELD GUIDE ADDENDUM: When Meru asks you a question, direct and truthful responses are highly recommended. The alternative will not be pleasant.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Meru has a new mission: targeting every agent loyal to the Eraser’s new Management. Sides are being chosen, and the final line is being drawn!

* Matt Kindt (Star Wars: Rebel Heist) brings the threads together!

* The final year heats up!

Mind MGMT 28 CoverI like that the description provides context for Matt based on his other recent Dark Horse work with the Star Wars franchise. I am definitely on board for whatever increases awareness for Matt and Mind MGMT.

So, welcome new readers!

And while this particular issue is not a great jumping on point, it should provide a decent view into the Mind MGMT universe – enough to hook you and get you to start from the beginning (four hard cover collections, covering the story so far are available now, at mattkindtshop.com).

Mind MGMT 28 Preview 1

Matt Kindt has completely transformed Meru from where she was in issue #1. It has been a fantastic development, weaved perfectly into the many ongoing plot lines in the overall story. In fact, it is amazing to me how much more her character has grown from when she first came into her power back in issue #17.

Mind MGMT 28 Preview 2

Now we see her with both power and control – What an exciting future we have unraveling before us!

Mind MGMT 28 Preview 3

Small correction – Power, Control AND Direction. This issue proves that she not only has what it takes to complete her mission, she knows exactly what she has to do…and it has nothing to do with how she used to live.

I cannot say enough how amazingly complex this story is, and how wonderfully rewarding it is to look for and find the details “hidden” from issue to issue. In fact, if you haven’t read the Mind MGMT Mini-Story from Dark Horse Presents #31, you have some catching up to do…

There is not much more I can discuss without giving away details from the issue – other than gush about the art…which of course, remains the most beautiful art in the industry – every page is a literal work of watercolor art.

So – get it, read it, and no doubt, enjoy it.

  • + Introducing the Incredible Meru!
  • + Matt Kindt is a master storyteller!
  • + Links back to the Mind MGMT Mini-Story from Dark Horse Presents #31!

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