Thor: God of Thunder #25 Review

How will the creative team end Thor: God of Thunder? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Redefining the word “epic,” it’s the god-sized 25th issue of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER featuring an amazing artistic line-up!
• Young Thor vs. Frost Giants!
• The untold origin of Malekith the Accursed!
• King Thor’s granddaughters uncover a startling secret chapter from the history of the Thunder God!
• Thor deals with the shocking fall-out from ORIGINAL SIN!

Thor God of Thunder #25 variantPoor Thor. Having battled Gorr God Butcherer, Malekith, Roxxon and many others over the course of his life, it takes a few words whispered by Nick Fury in the pages of Original Sin to make him no longer worthy. Being told in a storybook like way, Thor’s grandchildren recount three different tales, all of which hint towards the direction of the new series. This proves extremely tantalizing, with the reaction of Thor’s grandchildren reflecting my views perfectly.

Jason Aaron has done a magnificent job of rejuvenating Thor over the last couple of years, and as his run takes a massive twist, he brings Thor: God of Thunder to a fitting, and somewhat poetic end. Telling three tales in a storybook method, Aaron allows a look into both Malekith and Thor’s past, as well as showing the unworthy Thor and his possible future. It is however the way he teases this future that interested me the most, with the glimpse of the lady Thor, and speculation of returning foes having me energised for this new series.

Having three tales, naturally we get three artists, with each one having a very unique style. Handling both the transitional periods, and the final tale itself, main series artist Esad Ribic ends things in a glorious way, being joined by R.M. Guera and Simon Bisley. Though I usually detest multiple artists, especially when their styles class, the storybook like format allowed them to shine, with neither one feeling connected to the other. There were however some moments that stood out more than others, with Ribic’s final page, and double spread having me eager for October 1st and the release of Thor #1.

Thor: God of Thunder ends in a fitting way, with the teasers of things to come having me hooked for this all-new Thor. Highly recommended.

  • + Loved the storybook format.
  • + Jason Aaron has me eager for the new series.
  • + Esad Ribic and co. produce awesome artwork.
  • + The glimpse at the new lady Thor left me dumbstruck.

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